Hi teen travel-bugs!!

My name is Alexa and I was born and raised in New York City. Right now, I’m studying Environmental Design at the University at Buffalo, and a trip leader at our Outdoor Adventure Club. I’m a huge travel nerd, having been to Nicaragua, Israel, Hungary, England, and many other countries. I’ve also hiked the entirety of the Appalachian Trail, and am really excited to unite with adventurers, hikers, and travelers. I love writing poetry, acting silly, and hiking. I’ve also been known to kill a Sim or two, read through the entire Game of Thrones series, and obsess over watercolors. I'm really good at throwing grapes in the air and catching them in my mouth. I love adventuring because everything is constantly new; whether everything whisks by so fast you can’t think twice about it, or you sleep somewhere new every night, every moment presents an opportunity for freedom and adventure. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s stories and see where the road takes us!