Hey everyone, I’m Julia! I’m excited for bike adventures with you this summer! I live in Vermont where I work as a potter. At the clay studio I make pottery to sell and I also lead a program teaching teens how to throw pots on the wheel. We all have fun exploring our creativity, laughing at ourselves and getting muddy. I grew up in Massachusetts, went to college in Vermont, studied abroad in Mexico and lived in Nevada for a year. I’ve been lucky enough to do some traveling in the US, Mexico, India, Nepal, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland. What an incredible world we live in! I can’t wait to explore it more with all of you. I love traveling and riding bikes and I’m guessing that you probably love these things too. Some other activities I really enjoy are: making music, hiking, camping, whistling, drawing, star-gazing, kayaking, dreaming, doing Laughter Yoga, cooking, wandering, speaking Spanish, reading, crazy-dancing and finding shapes in the clouds. I’m really looking forward to being a Teen Trek leader this summer. We’re going to have some wonderful adventures together!