What’s up cyclists?! I’m Koby from Philadelphia, PA. I feel most at home on a bicycle, waking up in new and exciting places each day. Community is incredibly important to me and I’m psyched to share in my love of travel in a wonderful group of fellow bikers! I’ve backpacked many places in the US NE and SW and some in SE Asia. I’ve bike toured all over, most notably from Portland OR to Los Angeles (and a trip when I was 16 around Lake Ontario with Teen Treks!). I love nature, writing, playing Frisbee, making movies, meditating, playing music, and exploring. I’ve directed teens in theater and coached them in Frisbee, and recently started helping them ease into community norms as an orientation leader at Hampshire College. I love school, but I always feel like it’s been too long since last time I was on the road. I can’t wait to roam with y’all!