Hey Trekkers! My name is Sara, I’m a Chicago-native, and I’m super jazzed to bike and explore with Teen Treks. Biking, for me, has always been both meditative and thrilling. I really can’t wait to experience the upcoming adventures this summer and get to know our creative Trekkers. I’m really grateful that I have had the opportunities to study abroad in Ecuador for a semester, and visit England, Italy, Croatia, Greece, and South Africa. Other than biking and travel, I’m passionate about cooking, being outdoors, loving communities, social justice, environmental sustainability, beekeeping, foraging, ultimate Frisbee, swimming, and doodling. I’ve worked at a craft-workshop in Chicago coordinating environmentally conscious art and play activities and as a Resident Assistant helping build strong communities and friendships. I’m thrilled to hit the road and have all the silly and amazing experiences with you!